Boston Cocktail

The Boston cocktail is a citrusy and tart gin-based cocktail with underlying and lingering apricot stone fruit flavours. It’s a great drink  with apricot brandy
Bols Apricot Brandy has a rich  flavor to the fresh apricot juice and the crushed apricot fruit kernel. This apricot liqueur has a faint amaretto flavor, supported by tones of orange that matches its golden-amber color. Bols Apricot Brandy liqueur has been the original apricot liqueur in the Mai Tai, Zombie and Apricot Fizz
With Bol’s Apricot Brandy around, let’s shake the Boston & have some fun.

Gin – 45 ml @hapusagin
Apricot Brandy – 45 ml @bols
Lime juice – 25 ml
Grenadine – 10 ml
Orange peel – to garnish
Preparation Method

Combine all in a Boston Shaker and shake it with around eight ice cubes. Strain it in chilled Rocks glass & garnish with orange peel.

Cheers !

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