Mississippi Punch


Bourbon Whiskey – 15 ml @makersmark
White Rum – 15 ml @bacardi
Cherry Brandy – 15 ml @bolsbartending
Bitters – a dash @cocktailpunk
Crafted brut – 150 ml @brocodeclub
Orange zest – 1/2 tsp
Orange wheel – for garnish
Ice cubes – 08
Preparation Method

Combine Bourbon, Rum, Cherry Brandy, Bitters & Orange Zest in a chilled mixing glass with eight ice cubes. Give it a good pro stir. Pour the mix in a beer mug. Top it up with Crafted Brut.Garnish with a fresh orange wheel
“Shake a leg, break a leg, set the mood, jet the mood, crack a play, back a play. Let this drink take on and unroll your wits” so says Bro Code @brocodeclub 
“Maker’s Mark Bourbon” – A wonderful dram with it’s signature taste notes of rich and soft caramels on the nose, honey and fruit mouthfeel  makes it perfect choice for the cocktail🥃
“Bacardi Blanca Rum” with it’s delicate citrus aroma & spiced apples & notes of vanilla, pepper spice rounded mouthfeel was my next best choice for cocktail
“Bols Cherry Brandy” with it’s light amaretto flavour, coming from the crushed cherry kernels, along with infused brandy & selected herbs & spices makes this liqueur the right choice, I thought so, for it’s mild sweetness profile
“Alpino Cocktail Punk bitters” brings in the much required harmonious balance to the drink🥂
“Brocode Crafted Brut” –  Smooth & refreshing sparkling wine cooler was a wonderful finish to top up the drink and get that fizzy punch to the concoction
With some of my memorabilia picked up from States during my holidays also feature in the post to add the Mississippi punch


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