Seduction – A Twist


Whisky – 45 ml @pauljohnwhisky
Orange liqueur – 15 ml @grandmarnierofficial
Lime juice – 10 ml
Sugar syrup – 10 ml
Ripe Pineapple – 3 chunks
Red wine (Merlot)- 10 ml @bigbanyanwines
Preparation Method

Combine pineapple chunks, syrup, lime juice in a mixing glass & muddle to extract pineapple flavour. Add in the whisky & orange liqueur. Shake it well with ice using a Boston shaker. Double strain into a cocktail glass.  Float the red wine using a spiral bar spoon. Garnish with a pineapple wedge
With the bouquet of ripe berries of Merlot Wine interspersed with fragrance  of fresh pineapple in the  subtle concoction of smooth & rich flavorful whisky & sweet citrusy orange peels, this cocktail comes to life. A perfect cocktail to toast an occasion🥂
Coming to whisky & nuances. Let’s check compounds  responsible for the aromatic notes & tone that we perceive when nosing & sipping a dram🥃
Lactones: These compounds are found in the oak barrels that whisky is aged in & is picked up by the spirit. This contributes to the woody & coconut flavor🥥
Phenolic compounds: These compounds such as guaiacol & eugenol are the reason behind the smoky, bitterness & spicy flavour in a whisky. In the case of scotch, it’s the peat fire which dries the malted barley that results in the presence of phenolic compounds. Cresols are responsible to that band-aid like medicinal aroma
Aldehydes: These compounds are extracted from oak barrels into the whiskey that contributes to spicy, woody aroma. While ‘Vanillin’ contributes to the vanilla tone the ‘Furfural’ adds to the grainy flavour while ‘Heaxanal’ adds  the grassy note to a whisky
Esters: These compounds add to the fruity flavors. ‘Ethyl hexanoate’ contributes to sweet apple flavour whereas ‘Isoamyl acetate’ gives a banana & pear like aroma
Other compounds such as Damascenone add floral notes while ‘Diacetyl’ contributes to the buttery taste
So the next time you perceive these notes while sipping your dram be sure the chemical compound  strikes your  mind

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