Sidecar – The Brandy Classic

An old time classic which many  claim to have invented it but one name that pops up is of Harry MacElhone, the guy who ran the Harry’s Newyork Bar which still exists in Paris. In  the 1920 book ‘the ABC of mixing cocktail’ this recipe first appeared in there. Let’s create this simple Brandy Classic

Brandy – 30 ml
Triple Sec – 30 ml
Fresh lemon juice – 30 ml
Lemon wedge – to garnish
Preparation Method

Set your Martini glass to chill. Cut fresh lime & squeeze in the juice in a mixing glass over ice. Add in the brandy & the triple sec. Shake it good & strain it in your chilled Martini glass. Garnish with lemon wedge
You could also  sugar rim  the glass. To have a flavour balance, if you wish a more sharper & sour drink then you may have more of brandy & less of triple sec & if you wish more sweeter then you may lift the  triple sec & may be drop the brandy a little as well the lemon juice.  Be brave & play with it to your taste & palate

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