The Whisky Apricot Sour

A twist to the classic Whisky Sour. With the @pauljohnwhisky SM X’mas  edition fresh in my cabinet & to compliment it, the Apricot Brandy with it’s rich aroma &  amaretto flavour, the evening is all set for another happy hours

Single Malt – 45 ml @pauljohnwhisky
Apricot Brandy – 20 ml @bolscocktails
Fresh lime juice – 25 ml
Half Egg white – 15 ml
Sugar Syrup – 10 ml
Bitters – A dash @angosturahouse
Preparation Method

Combine all, except bitters, in a Boston Shaker & shake it dry for half a minute. Then add few ice cubes & shake it again. Strain it in an old fashioned glass over ice cubes & splash a dash of bitters. There friends we have the Friday evening – “The Whisky Apricot Sour” – A Prelude to Christmas🥃
Filtered vs Unfiltered Whisky: You read it right, many a times on a whisky bottle label you would find these terms. So an unfiltered whisky is also known as non-chill filtered, meaning it has not been filtered once pulled out from barrel. So it’s said that when it’s chilled or diluted to reach it’s bottling proof, unfiltered whisky will have particles & takes on a cloudy hue. Thus, before dilution these whiskeys are filtered so that the whisky on the shelf looks clear and doesn’t get cloudy on dilution🥃
Well, on the other hand filtration gives a clear look to the whisky but also removes somes flavor. Whereas, unfiltered or non-chilled filtered whiskey are considered to be more flavourful and generally bottled at barrel strength or proof so that a small amount of chilling or infusing with a few drops of water will not make it cloudy. @pauljohnwhisky here carries a non-chilled filtered statement on the bottle label🥃

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